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Cloudbase Prime

Move the ground of a gas giant mining station to launch your enemies and yourself. Shoot a lot of robots. · By Tyrus


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1.1.0 is Released! And Cloudbase Prime is out now on Nintendo Switch!
Cloudbase Prime is releasing on the Nintendo Switch TODAY! It's gotten a fair number of updates and fixes on its way there. But if you've already got Cloudbase...
Cloudbase Prime 1.0.8 is released!
This update fixes the EMP-missile interaction and a few other issues. It also updated to a 64 bit version for Mac users! 1.0.7 - 1.0.8 change list: * Fixed EMP...
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Cloudbase Prime 1.0.7 is released!
This update fixes some controls and sound issues. Happy holidays! 1.0.6 - 1.0.7 change list: Fixed some of 1-intro's and 2-3's floating text becoming garbled wh...
Cloudbase Prime 1.0.5 is released!
This update improves a few input issues, most notably the performance of Cloudbase Prime's d-pad shortcuts. On some controllers it was too easy to accidentally...
Cloudbase Prime's now available DRM free on!
I'm happy to finally have Cloudbase Prime available here on, DRM free! I'm sorry it took so long. You can expect this version of Cloudbase Prime to be u...
Cloudbase Prime 1.0.4 released!
I just got back from showing Cloudbase Prime at PAX West 2017! It was excellent. Showing the game to people is a joy, and it's great to meet other gamedev folks...