Cloudbase Prime 1.0.5 is released!

This update improves a few input issues, most notably the performance of Cloudbase Prime's d-pad shortcuts.

On some controllers it was too easy to accidentally use two powers at once, or unintentionally cast a power while reloading. This was chiefly a problem on the Xbox 360 controller's d-pad, or any other controller with round/wobbly d-pads prone to unwanted diagonal inputs. Now all power/skill inputs block each other for a brief moment, fixing the issue entirely!

Don't worry, it's really brief. You can still spam holo-tiles to your heart's content.

Full 1.0.4 - 1.05 change-list:

  • fixed skill firing on inaccurate/noisy d-pads
  • fixed bug that could result in xinput controllers getting grayscale button icons instead of colored ones
  • fixed: pushing power hotkeys while the Strategy HUD was open closed it without firing any powers, orphaned a sad, lonely cursor into the player's HUD.
  • added/improved support for a few controller types by updating the input backend.

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