Cloudbase Prime 1.0.8 is released!

This update fixes the EMP-missile interaction and a few other issues. It also updated to a 64 bit version for Mac users!

1.0.7 - 1.0.8 change list:
* Fixed EMP missile Steam achievement not activating when it should
* EMP'd missiles now deactivate and tumble to the ground, like they're supposed to
* Improved and updated auto-quality check at startup, fixing startup issues on some computers, especially newer Macs
* Mac build is now 64-bit


Windows: 1.1.0 174 MB
Version 5 May 30, 2018
Mac: 1.0.8 182 MB
Version 5 May 30, 2018
Linux: 1.1.0 176 MB
Version 5 May 30, 2018

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