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I have played the game, I love it with all I have! really funny. I have yet to play it on youtube but it will be soon!


Very Funny :D Nice Game!

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It's a great game there! Definitely enjoyed playing it.


I was surprised that I liked this game so much. I was a little skeptical since you said it was made in 20 days. I guess I wan't expecting there to be much for me to do. I was wrong. It was incredibly whimsical and had a lot of cool components so I commend you for that. The only suggestion I have is with weapons. It would be nice if I could do something with the weapons other than throwing them. An inventory would also be great since I could have collect food for later and stored any other items. But anyway, thank you so much for this game! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Also, if you want to check out some of my gameplay, here is the video:

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So much fun. This game doesn't need to be long or have tons of levels added. It's a fun play as is!


Super silly, super fun little game! Loved it!

This game is really unique and a lot of fun :D

I loved this game, it has a really cool concept with the planets, and taking over different ships. I would've liked a better combat system, but overall it was a really fun game to play and nothing felt buggy or broken. Really good game overall :)

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This game has a lot of potential if worked on. After playing the game for a while, I started to get the sense of some sort of sick back-story you could be developing. The world that you see through your eyes is happy. But... [EDITED FOR SPOILERS]...

Thank you for making this!

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Uh... that story you got a "sense of" is actually the exact story that was in the game! I appreciate that you'd like me to expand on it further, but I've edited your post to remove spoilers from the game page. I hope you don't mind, and thanks so much for enjoying the game!

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I have downloaded the game (on windows) but how do I open it?

Extract all of the zip file's contents somewhere and then double-click on 'I am the captain.exe' (the one with the icon).

Windows has the somewhat odd behavior of displaying a preview of the zip's contents if you double-click on it. You can drag those files out of there and into a folder of your choice, or you can just right click the file and select "Extract All..." instead.

Made a video -

This game was an experience, I'll say that much. I've never felt more like a captain in my life.

My ineptness only endears me to my crew... right?


Insanity. And I only at 14:00 realize the full potential of this masterpiece of madness.